Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant 3oz

Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant 3oz

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Product description


Discover the luxurious feel, smooth glide, and long-lasting formula of Wet® Platinum® Luxury Silicone Lubricant™. Guaranteed never sticky, Wet Platinum is doctor recommended, condom compatible and an FDA accepted medical device. It is also great for full body massages and skin conditioning. As our best-seller, this paraben-free formula is clear, odorless, and non-sticky. Wet Platinum is formulated with premium, high-grade silicone for ultimate performance and is non-water-soluble so it can be enjoyed in the shower, tub, or spa. 

  •   Pure, high-grade silicone
  •   Paraben-free
  •   Colorless and lightweight
  •   Odorless, non-sticky, and latex compatible
  •   Works under water
  •   Guaranteed never sticky
  •   Doctor recommended
  •   FDA Accepted Medical Device


Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone.


Usage and tips:
Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant may be used in the shower, bath, or hot tub because it does not break down in water. Try applying Platinum to erogenous zones followed by water from the shower head to enhance foreplay. Note: Not to be used with silicone toys.

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